Once a year all users are prompted to change their password. 


If you are using a PIN on the app and are asked to change your password:

Click on Remove PIN

On the log in screen - enter your email address and password (If you do not remember your old password - use the Forgot Password link)

Change your password

You can go back to the log in screen and click on Remember my details to enter your PIN

Forgot Password link - on the app:

You will be taken to a screen to enter a verification code

A verification code will arrive in your email

When you go back to the app the screen has reverted back to the log in screen (a known bug which will be fixed in next release)

Click on the forgot password link again and the page will load with boxes to enter your verification code

Forgot Password link - on the website

You will receive a verification code to enter on the website

Forgot Password link - and you request a password reset from CBDR staff

You will receive a temporary password consisting of letters, numbers and symbols

Please type this in manually as the copy/paste method does not usually work

If you used the Forgot Password link on the website and you did not receive a temporary password or verification code:

1. check to make sure you were on the mycbdr.ca website and NOT cbdr.ca when you clicked on Forgot Password

2. check your spam folder

3. make sure you are entering the correct email for your mycbdr account (if you have multiple email accounts)

If none of these approaches works to resolve your issue, please contact the help desk again by emailing help@mycbdr.ca which will create a help desk ticket.