If you see an error message like the one below, it is because you have negative inventory. 

Warning: There is an error in your stock on hand calculation. 
Please contact MyCBDR  support before recording anymore treatments.

This can happen if you are selecting product from more than one lot number.

For example

Lot 1 has 20 vials 

Lot 2 has 4 vials

Your treatment requires 5 vials and you chose 5 vials from Lot 2 - this creates a negative inventory error.

If you are comfortable making the change yourself, go to Treatments from the top menu bar

Find the treatment where you chose too much product from a lot number and make the correction.

In this example, you would edit the treatment to use 4 vials from Lot 2 and 1 vial from Lot 1 to create your treatment of 5 vials.  Once you have made this change, you will no longer see a negative inventory error.

If you require assistance, please call the Help Desk at 905-525-9140 extension 27595 Monday to Friday from 9sam to 4 pm EST.