Step 1: From the home page, click record treatment:




Step 2: Enter the Treatment Date and Time by click on the calendar and clock icons.







Step 3: Enter the Treatment Type from the drop-down menu. Definitions for each treatment type can be found by placing your cursor over the blue information icon.

Step 4: Click on the Select Product link. If no product appears, you must first add product to your account. Please see the ‘How to Add Product to MyCBDR’ tutorial.

Step 5: In the ‘Select product’ box that appears, enter the quantity of product used


* Note you can use the arrows to move up or down or type in the Quantity box the number of vials.




Step 5: *Optional* Add any Treatment Notes, if desired.

Step 6: Select ‘Save and Close’ if you are only entering one treatment. If you are entering multiple treatments, select ‘Save and Create Another’

* NOTE:  You can attach pictures or documents to this treatment record.