MyCBDR Practical guide for CUVITRU/Cutaquig/Hizentra Patients


If you log in and only see two green buttons, contact your clinic nurse to Enable Product Receipting for your account.  


Once Product Receipting has been enabled your screen will look like this:

You will have to log off and log back on to see the change






Gather the information you need to enter your inventory:

  • How many vials
  • What size are the vials (10ml, 12ml etc)
  • Expiration date
  • Lot Number

Once you have this information, click on the Record Product button

Enter the date received

Lot Number

Choose your product from the drop down menu

Enter your expiration date

Enter the number of vials you received

Confirm that you have the correct information before clicking Save

If you made a mistake, you can click on the pencil beside the entry to make any necessary corrections.

*Caution – this cannot be corrected once you have entered treatments using this information so it is very important to confirm that you have entered the correct information at this step.


Now you are ready to start entering your treatments.

You can get there by clicking on Treatments, then the icon beside Record Treatment


OR you can click the home button and click the Record Treatment button

*Caution: If you are catching up on entries because you are a first time user, you can’t go back any further than 6 months in time so it is important to enter your treatments regularly.

Choose the date of the treatment

Treatment Type:  It is always Prophylaxis (Regular) unless your clinic advises otherwise.

You can now Select Product



Here you are choosing the number of vials you are giving yourself.

Example: if your vial size is 12ml and you take 36ml for a treatment, you will choose quantity 3.

Then click Save.

You can add some notes that you want the nurse at the clinic to see when they review your treatments.

The attachments section is used if you wanted to send a picture of an injury or something related to your treatment that day.

If everything looks right – the right number of vials and the right date, then Click on Save and Close

The Save and Create Another button is for when you are in a back log situation and you are entering treatments for several days in this one session.  It is good to avoid having to do this if possible as it introduces the possibility of mistakes – mostly with dates.



If you made a mistake, you can click on the pencil to edit (if you chose the wrong date or the wrong number of vials).

If it is all wrong and you want to do it over again, you can click the garbage can on the right to delete the entry.

Once you have one treatment entered, the next time you go to enter a treatment you can use the Copy Previous Treatment button – only if the number of vials and product is exactly the same

Click directly on the entry to bring its details to your screen


You will see that it brought over the details from the previous treatment with the new Treatment Date so all you do is click on Save and Close.


NOTE:  If you see mistakes you made and you can’t figure out how to fix it, please contact the help desk and we can walk you through it.

If you are using a phone or a tablet to record your treatments, sometimes there is an issue with synchronization.  If you know you entered and saved your treatment but you don’t see it on your home screen afterwards, DO NOT try to enter the information again.  Just wait a little while to see if it appears. Ensure that you are on WiFi or Data for it to synchronize to the server.

If you still don’t see it, try logging off and log back in.  Also you can log in using a web browser to the website and see if it appears there.

If you still don’t see it, contact the help desk for assistance.  Sometimes the delay can be as long as 24 hours.

Contact us at 905-525-9140 ext 27595 (Monday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm EST) Email us at